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The Card of the Day: The Seven of Pentacles (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: The Seven of Pentacles (Reversed)

“Deciding what needs to be done.” 


The Seven of Pentacles represents stopping to look around you, and appreciate what you've created. It symbolizes the need to periodically review your progress; what you have achieved, and what you are still working toward. The road may not have been easy, and the work may not be over, but your foundation is firmly rooted. This card reminds you to stop ignoring or minimizing your accomplishments!

What positive results have you manifested in your life? Have you ever written down your achievements to see how much you've done? Do you ever stop to look around and appreciate all that you've created and worked for?

The man in the card is taking a break from his carefully cultivated fields. The fields aren't quite ready for harvest, but the man surveys the work that he did with a sense of pride. He did this himself, and he sees the results he created. He is able to stop being productive long enough to truly appreciate what he has manifested. He's hardly an ego maniac (look at his clothes!), but he does have a healthy sense of self esteem that only hard work engenders.

Today you need to write five positive life results you've fought hard to achieve. Five things that you could have given up on, if you took the easy way out. Five things that showed you actually "can" do it! Five things that proved that you can persevere. What achievements are you most proud of? Take you time and think.......

Got your list?

Now look at the items on the list as if you were seeing them for the first time. Remember the phase in your life before you achieved this. What did life look like then? What adversity did you overcome to get to this point? Was it hard not to give up? Take pride in each item on your list. Thank your body for not quitting, and your mind for not breaking. Thank your heart for mending itself through the painful times. Thank your spirit for raising you up, over the obstacles. This is what you made, and your "self" needs to be thanked for it. To achieve more positivity in your life, you must clearly see (and appreciate) what you've already manifested.

You can achieve any positive result you want for your future. Just look at your list, you've done it before.

When the Seven of Pentacles appears reversed it represents a great amount of work to be done. Although there is much to do and may feel overwhelming, it is very possible to complete all that is before you. This card asks you to prioritize your tasks. Do not get discouraged! The Seven of Pentacles upright or reversed is a card that rewards effort.

The Seven of Pentacles (Reversed) indicates that your tasks are many but that they can be accomplished if you prioritize what needs your focus. Don’t waste energy on something minute, try to work in broad strokes to get started. Like an artist refining a rough sketch you can always circle back and attend to the details later. Ensure that a firm foundation is established. Slow down and formulate a solid plan of action.

The Seven of Pentacles (Reversed) can also indicate that you need to be more patient with yourself. Acknowledge your efforts and be kind to yourself when undertaking them. You may feel like you are pushing uphill, but very soon your will reach the top and momentum will sprint to your side.

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