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The Card of the Day: The Hermit (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: The Hermit (Reversed)



The Hermit symbolizes that the answers you seek to resolve anxiety, can always be found within. If you make time to center, feel your real feelings, and quiet mental chatter, your inner wisdom will guide you out of any rut. Sometimes the biggest block to hearing your spirit's inner wisdom is the fear of actually feeling something uncomfortable. So you distract yourself from the discomfort, and avoid resolving the imbalance. The Hermit represents the need to periodically withdraw from the world, and seek out what you're really feeling.

Are you avoiding something uncomfortable? Would you rather just distract or numb yourself from discomfort, rather than resolving it? Are you consciouss of the "Wise One" that resides within?

The Hermit takes his lantern into the dark, uncomfortable places, to examine what's really there. If you look at the card he is travelling over snow. This symbolizes feelings that you have "put on ice." The snow also represents freezing or numbing pain. The gentle Hermit comes with his warm illuminating lantern and his sturdy staff of wisdom. This can melt the cold ice around the heart, allowing feelings to be resolved and released. Under his gentle guidance, he can actually show you the hidden lesson beneath the ice. Does your heart feel like it's keeping something frozen?

The fear of discomfort is just a mask, preventing you from accessing your wisdom. One error many people make with the lesson of the Hermit, is mistaking "wisdom" with "thinking." "If I just sit here alone and think about this uncomfortable thing for a long time I will figure it out." Thinking about problems just leaves the anxiety in the background to go unchecked as your mind frantically races from one hollow solution to another. Thinking about the discomfort doesn't really resolve it. Feeling it does. Many times people are so scared of feeling that they pull out their phone, have a drink, or binge watch Netflix. "That will get that inner chatter to shut up for awhile!"

Avoidance freezes the feeling for a time, but the unfelt feelings remain under the ice and grow in strength until they finally burst through. This process takes longer for some people than others but it always ends the same......with a nervous breakdown.

If you are courageous enough to go within, seek your discomfort, pull the mask back, and feel the feeling you are avoiding, you will discover that this discomfort is actually a wise teacher. It will calmly tell you what you need. This is your inner Wise One. The inner Wise One will show you how resolve and release what is troubling you.

Today reflect on what is going on within you. Is there something making you anxious? Are you dulled, numb, or frozen? Are you prepared to change that? Take a time out, light a candle in a safe place. Be brave and face the fear. Pull back its mask. Look beneath the ice. Examine what's there with your inner Wise One. "Aha! That's what I need to resolve in myself."

The lamp of your inner Hermit will guide you out of darkness every time.

When the Hermit appears reversed, it indicates that it is time to reemerge, and share your self with others again. After a period of introspection and self-work you have gained new insights and wisdom. Now the demands of the external world may be calling you back. Duties will multiply and events may pick up speed. The Hermit is the "way-shower" from within. Don't be surprised is you may be a way-shower to others, now that you made your own journey. It is time to engage with the world around you and share your unique wisdom and experiences.

The Hermit reversed indicates that you have something important to contribute to the world around you, but you cannot share it if you are too isolated. Today, don't hide, avoid or be embarrassed about what you offer. Have the courage to reveal your authentic self with others. Your challenges, and introspective journey have given you valuable wisdom. Reconnect with the world and share that wisdom with others. You are not alone. Your example can lead to great healing if you open your heart. Sometimes this card simply means that you are not as isolated as you think. A breakthrough will happen if you are open, vulnerable and make connections with others at this time.

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