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The Card of the Day: The Three of Pentacles (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: The Three of Pentacles (Reversed)

“Reviewing old lessons.”


 The Three of Pentacles depicts a young man learning a trade at a monastery. This card symbolizes acquiring new skills, and refining them. The Three of Pentacles exemplifies work that is worthwhile and meaningful. In order to excel at it, you must be patient with the learning process. This means being open to making mistakes, and not giving up when setbacks happen.

What skills are you learning at this time? Are you expecting yourself to be perfect? Are you open to feedback about your progress? Do you constantly compare your skills to that of others and feel that your abilities aren't good enough?

Although the Three of Pentacles symbolizes "perfecting" a skill, it does not require us "to be perfect." Quite the opposite, this card asks you to look at the big picture. Look how far you've already come. Look ahead to what can can still achieve! This can only happen if you are open to learning. No matter how good you are, you can always get better.

The best teacher you can have is a mistake. Mastering anything is all about trial and error. You will make mistakes. The more mistakes you make, the better you will get. You might feel like you look stupid once in awhile, but don't give up. If you keep doing the work you will achieve your goal.

The learning process is never a straight "B-line" toward a goal. It is a winding path, of hills and valleys. Sometimes the path loops around and makes us feel as if we are going backwards and learning nothing at all. This is an illusion. Like a spiral, the path winds around and back, and yet always upward. Sometimes success isn't achieved right away. Its as if the Universe wants us to learn something important about where we are right now, without rushing on to the next thing. Where is your awareness right now? Are you impatient to get this phase in your life over with? Slow down! You are missing Spirit's messages.

Today, spend meaningful time honing your skills in the present.

 When the Three of Pentacles appears reversed, it asks you to identify what life lesson you seem to be repeating. The repeated lesson is always going to highlight one of the big things you're here to work on while you are on this planet. Instead of getting frustrated...or just wanting to get the lesson over with, it's important to absorb what the present lesson is teaching you.

Perhaps you need to finally learn to accept yourself, just as you are. Perhaps you are learning patience. Perhaps the skill, trade, craft or job you are learning is actually mirroring the self-improvement going on within you. Accepting your current "lot" in life can be just as difficult as accepting yourself without having obtained "perfection." Remember... the process of perfecting yourself never results in "being perfect."

We are all here on this planet to learn. It's okay to be in a learning process. In fact it's just a fact of life! Learning keeps us mentally engaged with life, and allows us to evolve and grow. Learning involves setbacks, mistakes, disappointments, surprises, successes, and failures. If these lessons were easy, you would have learned them by now!

The hard lessons are where the greatest evolution for your soul is occurring. Choose to view your life lessons with compassion and perspective. You may not see it always...but you are getting better and stronger every day. Keep up the good work!

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