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The Card of the Day: The World (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: The World (Reversed)

 “Repeating the same lesson.”


The World represents the successful completion of challenges, and the ability to remake your world. The old has been completed, and loose ends are being tied up. "Now" is the time of fresh new beginnings and empowerment. Have fun creating the world you want to live in! The magic of all possibilities are open to you now.

What sort of world have you been creating for yourself? Have you finished a major life phase, or are you preparing to? Are you seeing the new possibilities available to you?

The World is the final card of the Major Arcana. The woman on the World card has faced all the trials and tests of the previous cards, and has achieved enlightenment. As a result she has been given not just one wand (like the Magician at the beginning of the Major Arcana), but two. This symbolizes total empowerment, perspective, and wisdom. She is no longer afraid of the future because she sees herself in the context of the Universal. She is past fear of death. She is in tune with her eternal self and her spirit's authentic purpose. She is forever. She knows who she is. A divine spirit, in fleeting human form, who has an important mission: to heal the world by with her own unique light, abilities, and talents.

The World reminds us that we can create miraculous changes in our environment if we approach it from a place of true power. This means aligning with the "big picture" perspective, embodied by the woman on the card. It also means embracing your soul's authentic path, instead of repressing it. Only by loving your whole journey, with all its heartaches, setbacks, and disappointments, will you be able to see the whole picture. You'll know if you are embracing your authentic self because life will stop feeling like a tense, fearful, struggle, constantly needing to be controlled. Approach the world with your light, and all that you touch will be golden.

Today look at your total journey. How did you even get here? What a miracle that you still exist after all of that! You still exist because you are divine and eternal. No fear can touch you when you remember that. A new day waits for you to recognize all of its possibilities.

Remember, you exist for an important purpose. Get out into the world and be it.

If the World appears reversed, it's a call to complete that which remains unfinished. When this card appears reversed it often accompanies a life lesson that seems to keep repeating itself. This card in this position calls your attention to old cycles and the behavioral patterns they reveal. Have you been on repeat? Do you keep encountering the c=same issue again and again? Perhaps it’s finally time to grow and allow yourself to graduate to the next level of your development. It’s also time to bring closure to anything that is preventing you from moving on to your next big goals. Procrastination is often fear or self doubt in disguise. By putting off completing one phase, we can still hold on to it, pretending that we need more time. The best choices in life are never made with one-hundred percent assurance that all will be a huge success. Sometimes our best transformation comes from having the courage to let go of the old, familiar rut and move on with no guarantees.

This card may also be asking you if seeing the "big picture." Are you selectively choosing to see only the perceived imperfections in your life, and not the whole story? Sometimes your world can seem upside down, but this is just one fleeting perspective. The truth is, when your world seems to get turned on its head, it actually offers you the opportunity to release outdated perspectives about yourself and what you think is possible. The thing you are "stuck" on, that seems so all important, probably isn't as big as you think it is. You are here for so much more than that! You must be willing to see what's going well in your life....not just "the bad." If you want to gain some perspective today, get out of your own head (or house) and be of service. Be your more enlightened self. This will open you up to the perspective of one of the most valuable reasons for your existence. Its time to accept the lesson that you keep repeating. It’s time to learn from it and then move on to all the exciting possibilities that still await you.

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