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The Card of the Day: The Queen of Cups

The Card of the Day: The Queen of Cups

“Feel your feelings.” 


The Queen of Cups is at peace with her sensitivity. She is nurturing, caring, and encourages her people to see the value of their own feelings and emotions. She sees sensitivity as something that makes one strong, not weak. The Queen of Cups views feelings as sacred, because they reveal life to us in vibrant colors. Feelings allow us to experience joy, excitement, love, bliss, and rapture. The Queen of Cups reminds us to be grateful for our feelings, even when they cause us pain. After all, feelings give life flavor.

Are you uncomfortable with your feelings? Are you afraid to be "open" because someone or something might potentially hurt you? Do you bottle up your feelings and deny they are even there?

Cups and water in the tarot symbolize feelings. The Queen of Cups places her feelings in the most precious chalice of the entire tarot. Her cup is gilded in gold and adorned with angels. This symbolizes that her feelings are honored. She sees their worth and value because they give life color and complexity. To prove this point, she is surrounded by colorful beach stones.

If you've ever collected stones on the beach as a child, you'll remember that when they are dry, they are kind of pretty, but still a bit dull. However, if you placed these stones in water, suddenly the stone becomes alive with vibrant colors and textures. The vibrancy of the stone is revealed through water. Likewise, a dull or boring life, can reveal its complexity if you open yourself to "feeling it," instead of just "looking at it."

One issue with our world is that people are afraid to feel. We are told "don't be so sensitive," as if feelings make us weak. We are told to "toughen up." This is especially true for boys, who above all else are not allowed to be sensitive or "weak," although many girls are increasingly experiencing this too. The trouble with this is we all have feelings. Denying they are there leads to imbalance within the world around us. The more emotions that are bottled up, numbed, or not experienced, the more of "living" we miss out on. A lot of us don't want to feel because it might hurt. But this is just stupid fear chattering away again. It robs us of experiences that could potentially bring us joy.

To experience the vibrancy of life follow the Queen's example, and look for beauty. Beauty activates emotional responses that feel good. Science confirms that beauty releases pleasure giving dopamines from the brain into the bloodstream. Buy some flowers or beautiful art for your home or work environment. Admire the beauty in the natural world around you. It's everywhere! Look at what appears to be "dull beach stones" in your everyday life. View these things through the water, through the lens of your feelings. Open yourself to feeling the beauty of the seemingly mundane, and watch life's vibrancy reveal itself to you.

Alice Walker summed it up best in her book "The Color Purple." She wrote:

"I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it. People think pleasing God is all God cares about. But any fool living in the world can see it is always trying to please us back."

The Queen of Cups does not avoid her feelings. She takes them all: the good, the bad, the hurt, the sad, the love, the joy, the grief, the hope, and the happiness. She places them in her sacred chalice. She honors these feelings. They reveal life's vibrancy to her. They are what give life dimension, complexity, richness, color, and meaning.

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