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The Card of the Day: Justice (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: Justice (Reversed)

“Restore your equilibrium.” 


Justice is the archetype of honesty, which is essential for restoring balance and harmony. Lady Justice grasps her mighty Sword of Truth. Her goal is to restore order and equilibrium, symbolized by the golden scales she holds in her left hand. The Justice figure in the tarot is not blindfolded. She sees the situations confronting her clearly. The sword she wields represents that assertive action is needed to cut away the source of our imbalance. Imbalance often occurs when we aren’t being one-hundred percent honest with ourselves. Lady Justice restores balance and clarity through facts.

Does your life feel balanced right now? What do you need more or less of? Do you need to speak your truth to yourself or another, even if the thought of it makes you uncomfortable?

Justice personifies that little voice within us that is observing the truth of a given situation, no matter how inconvenient that truth might be. The figure of Justice is flanked by two gray pillars. The color gray is associated with neutrality.[1] Whenever Justice appears it is helpful to look at all the facts in an unbiased, neutral manner. To be neutral requires that you not let your emotions and expectations distort the facts. Wanting to believe something is true even when the facts prove otherwise will place you on a collision course with a rude awakening. If you look closely, Lady Justice has a square clasp at her neck and a square jewel in her crown. Squares are associated with honesty and strong foundations. We’ve all heard the expression “fair and square.” In astrology squares aren’t considered easy aspects, but they are considered responsible for the development of character and strength. The squares decorating Lady Justice symbolize that truth may not always be easy to confront initially. However, if you choose to proceed with integrity and honesty, you will find yourself on a stable pathway toward happiness, harmony and success.

Lady Justice reminds you to be clear with yourself and others about what you need to restore harmony. Be warned however, it may require you to add the word "N-N-N-N-N-N-No!" to your vocabulary. Justice advises you to approach the source of your imbalance dispassionately. The scales of justice symbolize the need to weigh all the facts before deciding how best to act.  

If you've already been doing the work of facing your life honestly, Lady Justice arrives to declare, "Good for you! Isn’t the sensation of balance derived from honesty wonderful?" It takes courage to be honest with yourself. This is especially true if you are attached to a certain outcome. Other cards that appear around Justice can highlight which areas of your life require honesty at this time.


When Justice appears reversed, she symbolizes periods when your life feels lopsided. This sense of imbalance occurs when we are so focused on one part of our lives that we neglect other important aspects. Perhaps it’s time to step out of your routine to gain some clarity and perspective. Which area of your life is demanding too much of your energy? What part of yourself could invest in to remedy this?

Justice reversed can also appear in the guise of situations that seem unfair or unjust. You may be tempted to blame someone or something for a sense of imbalance but ultimately, you are the one who is responsible for restoring order in your life. Not everything in life is fair. Sometimes you must make the best of what you are presented with and proceed with excellence regardless. The situation may not seem fair, but a larger Universal order and balance is always at work behind the scenes. This concept is known as the Law of Karma. Perhaps you need to detach from desire to teach someone a lesson. Step out of the drama and let Karma take care of it. If the source of the injustice originates from another person, they’ll reap what they sow eventually. Sometimes a seemingly unfair situation will illuminate how you are being unfair to yourself. Are you tolerating something that violates your personal honor code? Upright or reversed, Lady Justice supports you in taking a clear-eyed look at the facts to restore your personal power.

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[1] Alexandra Collins Dickerman, Following Your Path: Using Myths, Symbols and Images to Explore Your Inner Life (Los Angelos: Jeremy P. Tarcher Inc., 1992), 290.

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