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The Card of the Day: The Magician (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: The Magician (Reversed)

“Clean out your mental attic.” 


Each of us is a magician, and our predominant thoughts are the magic spells that produce the life we are experiencing. All the situations you see in front of you can be changed, but first you must change where your mind is fixated. The Magician is in complete control of his environment. He represents the power of your mind's focus, which creates the reality you are living in.

What predominate thoughts do you harbor during the day? Are your thoughts generally positive or negative? Do you feel in control of your thoughts or do they run uncontrollably on automatic?

The Magician stands before his altar. Before him are four objects: a cup, a pentacle, a sword and a wand. Each represent the different elements of his external environment: his emotional life, monetary life, predominate thoughts and his ambitions. The Magician has the power to move the objects on the altar any way he chooses. This symbolizes your ability to affect your external environment by choosing to focus your thoughts and intentions. The Magician’s white wand is raised high, channeling his best self. When you are channeling your best self, you can also manifest marvelous things, as if by magic.

The best self is the part of you that feels limitless. When your mind is attuned to your best self you will notice that you feel energized, motivated and confident. You feel fearless and believe in your own talents and abilities. Unfortunately, we live in a society that borages us with images of how we really don't measure up. This affects our unconscious mind, which will run on autopilot until it is challenged. Once self-doubt takes the megaphone, your best self can feel all but drowned out. If your predominant thoughts are: "I'm too fat." "I'm not good enough." "I can't do this." "I don't know how to make this work." "Guess that just life." "I'm a fraud." "I know I won't succeed at this anyway."..........then you are not hearing your best self.

To reconnect with you best-self, remember a time in your life when you felt powerful and limitless. Remember when you felt at your best. Recall when you stood up and did the difficult thing to do. Hold that powerful and joyful feeling. That person in your memory is still you. No matter what’s transpired, this is your true essence. Remember yourself and look at your situation through that person’s eyes.

When the Magician appears, you must take responsibility for where you allow your mind to dwell. It's totally controlling your reality! Challenge negative thoughts instead of letting them run on autopilot. Set a timer to go off at two-hour intervals today. When the alarm goes off pay attention to what your thoughts are randomly focused on. If your focus is on the negative, place it instead on something that makes you feel good. You can make your life so different, if you just change your mind to do so.


If the Magician appears reversed, he calls your attention to thoughts that feel out of control. The magician teaches "As above, so below," meaning that your inner beliefs about yourself shape the reality you are experiencing. The reality that you see in front of you can be changed...but you have to take ownership of your thoughts and beliefs about yourself. The Magician (upright or reversed) is a messenger from your higher self. The message is that you can change what you are experiencing by altering how you think about your current circumstances, and your power over them. Are the hidden beliefs uplifting and empowering... or fearful and self-sabotaging? Remember, your thoughts are like magic spells. They create your life experiences.

The Magician reversed encourages you to clean out your mental attic. It’s time to throw away the clutter that appears in the form of negative, self-limiting thoughts that make you feel powerless and small. You are so much more powerful than you think! If you want proof, just look back at all the challenges you have overcome without giving up. Make sure that your thoughts are supporting a positive, empowered, and self-confident mindset. 

To throw out negative thoughts, stop yourself when you are having them. Think the thought. Does it make you feel tight, anxious, worthless or afraid? If it does, tell that thought “You are garbage, and I’m taking out the trash. I don’t need you anymore. You aren’t true and I’m better than this.” Then shift your thoughts to something beautiful about yourself, or your life. Acknowledge a hard-fought achievement you’ve made. Have a few thoughts handy that always make you comfy and smile to shift gears (baby elephants, funny moments I remember, or the way sunlight illuminates green leaves on lush trees do it for me every time). When the Magician appears reversed, he calls you to reassert power over some aspect of your life that feels out of control.

You are the Magician of your life. Be mindful of what spells you are casting.

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