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The Card of the Day: The Six of Swords (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: The Six of Swords (Reversed)

“What feels stuck?”


The Six of Swords represents moving on, from one place in your life to another. This card can indicate travel, changing careers, leaving relationships or even moving. The Six of Swords can also signify an elevation to the next level in your professional life. When this card appears, the changes you are experiencing are for the best. The Six of Swords suggests that you to go with the flow, rather than fight the current. If you surrender to where life’s momentum is currently flowing, you will speedily arrive at a safe harbor.

Where is the energy of change flowing in your life? What destination do you have in mind? What must you leave behind?

The ferryman is guiding two refugees, a mother and her child, to a new life. The skies are grey, and the mood is somber. The mother’s first duty is to protect her child. The refugees are leaving behind the past for the promise of a brighter future. The waters behind them are rough, but the waters ahead are smooth. In order to reach the safe shores, they must leave behind past troubles. Although the boat is not very comfortable, it promises to lead them toward the promise of a happier life.

Change is happening in your life too, and this usually accompanied by temporary discomfort. You may be unsure of your footing, and simple challenges may seem magnified. A small inconvenience can seem like a momentous stress when navigating lifer’s transitions. However, know that the changes occurring in your life right now are truly for the better. Don’t fight to stay in the old lands, for the metaphorical boat is taking you to new shores. The Six of Swords heralds an exciting time of movement. This card can also herald a trip or a journey. Distance will aid you in acquiring perspective, and awareness of your new opportunities.

Any discomfort you feel during these current transitions are normal and will soon pass. A better life is opening to you now. Try not to fixate on the discomfort you are experiencing. Channel any feelings of anxiety into excitement instead. Ride the waves toward progress. Go with the flow.


If the Six of Swords appears reversed it directs your attention to what currently feels stuck. People get stuck when they habitually avoid the discomfort that naturally accompanies change. Don’t allow the discomfort of “growing pains” trick you into avoiding changes and taking risks toward your goals. Discomfort does not mean something is wrong, it means something is growing or changing. The choppy waters in front of the boat are rough...but the waters behind the boat are smooth. This indicates that you can always change the energy on the path in front of you, from rough to smooth by your willingness to leave your comfort zone.

Imagine that you are the ferryman in the card. On your journey you need to propel the boat forward by placing your oar into the river. Anticipate moments when the oar will periodically feel stuck in the mud. Your strength and determination can pull the oar free, allowing you to propel the boat forward again. Getting the boat moving again after being stuck is the tough part. However, once it gains momentum, the journey becomes easier.

The Six of Swords reversed urges you to pull your oar free. It may feel that things are stuck but this is an illusion. Stop fighting the waves and allow your best transformation. Sail over the temporary choppy waters. The promise of a safe harbor lies ahead. Anything in your life that feels stuck can become unstuck. However, you must accept the temporary discomfort of changing it.

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