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The Card of the Day: Temperance (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: Temperance (Reversed)



Temperance signifies balance, moderation, and slowing down. This card represents your inner "stress barometer" which notifies you when your mind and body are under too much strain. When Temperance appears, it is time to give your body more of what it needs right now, in order to restore your equilibrium. The card encapsulates finding the right balance between two opposing forces, to restore harmony.

Does your body "act up" when you’re stressed? Do you get strange sensations that make you worry you might have something seriously wrong with you? Do you listen to your inner needs when you are spread too thin, or do you "power" through, depleting yourself further?

The angel on the Temperance card represents your higher self, which knows just how much of anything you can endure. The angel is pouring just the right amount of water from one cup, to replenish the other. This represents your need to replenish what has been depleted. The angel also has one foot on dry land, and the other foot in the stream. This symbolizes that although he is operating in the "real world" (the dry land), he keeps one foot in contact with what his inner self needs (the stream). The path behind him leads to a bright destination. If you follow the angel's example and look after your equilibrium, you will also find a healthier, happier future awaiting you.

Temperance is sandwiched between two challenging cards: Death and the Devil. It is an oasis stop in the journey through the Major Arcana. It symbolizes a place of self-care and restoration before getting back in the ring. The many Angels that appear in the tarot represent your Higher-Self. The location of Temperance in the Major Arcana symbolizes the need to reconnect with the transcendent, “big-picture,” while amid difficulties. Stressful situations can deplete you quickly. It like holding your breath under water and endlessly swimming. The symbol of Temperance is much like returning above the water’s surface, to replenish yourself with a full breath of sweet air. Temperance enables you to go back beneath the surface renewed and revitalized.

You may think that life is just too demanding and busy, and that you don’t have the time for self-care. Many people give all the energy they have and feel strained, stressed and even crazy from burning the candle at both ends. Temperance reminds you to listen to your body, quiet your mind, and spend some to come up for air. No matter what demands are being placed on you currently, you need to replenish yourself.

Not wanting to disappoint others makes us jump through impossible circles and hoops, attempting to be Superman or Superwoman. All the while we slowly deplete ourselves to a point where we need rescuing! Temperance gently guides you to protect your own health and wellbeing first. In this way, you will have plenty to share with others.

To restore your balance, what is your body signaling to you that it needs? More water? More rest? Some quiet time? A vacation? A break? Time with your favorite books? A reading?

Wrap yourself in the angel's wings, and lovingly give your body what it needs. The Angel of Temperance is guiding you back toward what you need for balance. Taking the time to restore your equilibrium will ensure that you have an abundance of energy to invest in all the people are goals and improvements that are waiting for you.


If Temperance appears reversed, it signifies depletion, and a need for restoration. It’s as if you are dehydrated, either literally or symbolically. Temperance reversed calls your attention to areas of your mind and body where there are knots of tension and asks you to release them. The Angel on the card symbolizes the need to surrender current stress to the Divine. You are being called back to reconnect with what is personally sacred to you. The imagery of flowing water on the card signifies the healing properties of water. An easy way to restore equilibrium is to give your body more water. This will do wonders for your mood and energy level. Perhaps it’s time to reconnect with the bodies of water in nature. Rivers, lakes and oceans naturally have a soothing effect which can release accumulated stresses that are disturbing your mind and heart.

Temperance is all about balance and moderation. When this card appears reversed you will find that it is necessary to release excessiveness: Excessive worry about a stressful situation, excessive focus on only one area of your life, excessive consumption of something that depletes your energy, excessive escapism, excessive obsessions. Your personal energy field needs to be cleared to move forward at this time. If you find yourself excessively doing one thing, shift your energy to focusing on another aspect of your life that would benefit from your attention. Know that where you are today, is just where you need to be. Be okay with areas of your life being “works in progress.” Other cards in a reading may illuminate what the source of your depletion is.

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