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The Card of the Day: The Knight of Cups Reversed

The Card of the Day: The Knight of Cups Reversed

"Difficult conversations."


The Knight of Cups is the tarot’s brave Messenger of Love. This Knight can communicate his deepest feelings without fear or embarrassment. Everywhere he rides, love begins to flow. He represents all forms of love: romantic, passionate, platonic, and familial. He can reintroduce a lonely person into a world of friends and can bring renewed passion to an intimacy-barren relationship. This is because he does not let fear, embarrassment, or shame, keep him from opening his heart. He reminds those who believe they are alone, that they are connected, valuable, loved, and accepted. The Knight of Cups appears when it’s time to be emotionally courageous.

Do you have a hard time expressing your feelings, even to the people you are closest to? Are you too shy, or too scared to open yourself up to connecting with others? When did you last feel passionate or romantic?

The Knight of Cups is so hot! He is completely confident with his feelings and what is more attractive than confidence? He gazes electrically with deep blue eyes, and effortlessly expresses what he desires honestly. He wears the wings of Hermes, the messenger god on his helm and his feet. Fish decorate his tunic. This symbolizes his ability to communicate clearly about deep unconscious feelings that can be hard to put into words. His main message is that communication about feelings heals isolation and confusion. The more difficult the subject, the more healing to be gained from talking about it. However, you must be brave enough to open your heart to others.

You might wonder why you would need to be brave to express love. The answer is that it can be very scary! Even people who have been together for years, can find it difficult to express affection and intimacy. This is especially true if the heart has been wounded by a deep betrayal or loss in the past. The Knight appears to tell us that retreating further from others will never heal the heart. The heart mends when it is brave and open, allowing new experiences to take the place of past hurts.

The Knight of Cups is eternally optimistic that the future will be brighter than times before. He knows that the heart is not as fragile as it pretends to be. It can heal amazingly but must be open to do so. Bring some passion and excitement back into your life. Share, flirt, take a risk, make new friends, but most important open up!

The Knight of Cups inspires you to be courageous, and express love, romance, affection, and passion. Have confidence in your worth and stop being self-conscious. You are more lovable than you think! You don’t need to be in an intimate relationship to begin healing your heart. The first step is to be brave enough to open it.


If the Knight of Cups appears reversed, he indicates that difficult feelings swimming around in your heart can be released once they have been put into words. It is an ideal time to communicate about whatever you have been avoiding. Instead of retreating more, the Knight dares you to be more open, and share what you are experiencing with people you trust.

Emotions like fear, shame, anxiety and anger can begin to feel resolved the moment they are spoken. However, they must be articulated from a position of honesty and love. Once difficult feelings are articulated, they can be surrendered. Releasing emotional baggage causes the heart to immediately lighten up, making room for feelings like joy, excitement and love. Don't fear honesty and openness. The Knight of Cups advises you to stop carrying heavy feelings around. Release any burdensome emotions or anxieties that are weighing you down by talking about them honestly and openly. This will lead to a huge breakthrough regarding your connection with others.

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