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Tarot is my passion. My goal is to help my clients to avoid pitfalls and manifest their dreams.

The Card of the Day: The Ten of Cups

The Card of the Day: The Ten of Cups

“Magic is at weaving through your life...right now.” 


The Ten of Cups represents gratitude for the magic that's weaving through your life, right at this very moment. You can't see this magic if you are on autopilot, mad, stressed, or anxious. You can only perceive it if you choose to stop feeding tension, step out of your routines, and open your eyes to the miracles at play. This shimmering magic is darting about everywhere, but you may have to adjust your perspective to see it.

Do "problems" seem to suck all the oxygen out of your day? Do you know you "have it good," but just can't seem to see it, feel it, or sense it? Is there stress, anger, or tension living in your heart?

The family on the card is like any other. They have problems to solve, work to do, kids to raise, and routines that govern their day. And yet, they are doing something that many of us don't do enough. They are actually soaking in the magic at play in their lives, in the present. The home that the family shares is in the distance, nestled in a thicket of trees on the hilltop. It is where they spend most of their time. In the house, love prevails... but there is also bickering, disagreements, and squabbles between the children that need to be broken up.

Being "in" the house, it is difficult for the family to actually "see" the house. So the husband took his wife and kids out of their home, and up the road. The family stepped out of routines, and held each other close. When the husband and wife looked back at their home, a magical thing happened. A colorful rainbow filled the sky, illuminating each of their blessings. They were alive. They had such a love for eachother. This love made everything alright.

The couple raises their hands in gratitude for the abundance they have. The children are overcome as well, and dance merrily in the moment. The family now have a new perspective for the magic at play, that they don't always see. They were actually so close to this magic, that they were unable to see it. 

Today there is a choice. Either you take a moment to see in the magic weaving through your life, or continue to be dull to it. To see this magic, you might need to step out of the house, and away from your routines. If you do get a glimpse of it, it might just fill your heart, and make your eyes a little misty.

Get out of the box. Look at what you have! Smile at the ones you love. Give them a hug and tell them how important they are.

There is definitely magic dancing through your life. It weaves into your spirit, and connects you with everyone and everything around you. It's in the air, the water, the trees, the people you love, and in every particle of light.

Whisper a word of gratitude.... for today is completely magical!


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