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Hi, I'm Elliot.

Tarot is my passion. My goal is to help my clients to avoid pitfalls and manifest their dreams.

Card of the Day: The King of Pentacles

Card of the Day: The King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles represents the golden path to worldly success. He is someone who has "made it." The Bulls on his throne are a symbol for the astrological sign of Taurus. They represent stubborn tenacity and a commitment to reaching your goals. The King is surrounded by abundant possessions and lives in a shining castle. 

Where do riches really come from? 

The Ancient Greeks believed that the God of Wealth was also the God of the Underworld. All precious metals and stones were unearthed from his realm. Symbolically the Underworld is the place where our fears and shadows hide. If we do not acknowledge them they continually thwart our best efforts of having a happy and successful life. In order for us to attain success (both internally and in the world), we must periodically take a trip into our inner Underworld and face our fears (those unconscious feelings that convince us to avoid). 

The King of Pentacles has dealt with his fears and shadows and has won. He reminds us :

"When I confront I win, when I avoid I lose." 

Confront what scares you today and take action toward living the life you truly want.

Act and golden success is yours!

Card of the Day: The Lovers

Card of the Day: The Lovers