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Tarot is my passion. My goal is to help my clients to avoid pitfalls and manifest their dreams.

The Card of the Day: The Ace of Wands (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: The Ace of Wands (Reversed)

 “Don’t just wish it, do it!”


The Ace of Wands represents breakthroughs, inspiration and new ideas. It heralds brilliant new thinking that has the potential to grow into solid reality. Like the many branches sprouting from the wand, you are experiencing an exciting period of mental growth. You are branching out into new realms of possibilities. The Ace of Wands motivates freshly inspired concepts, that can carry you over old obstacles.

Do you have a lot of great ideas, but lack the confidence to act on them? Do you hesitate on acting toward your dreams because you fear failure? Have you hit the same old brick wall, feeling that it is preventing you from making a huge breakthrough?

A divine hand emerges from the clouds, offering you a magic wand. This wand gives you the opportunity make all your dreams come true. If you were to fully grasp this wand you would be flooded with bright ideas which would bring solutions to old problems. Wands are symbols of brilliant inspiration, seemingly channeled from "above," which helps one transcend previous obstacles. An old ruined castle sits aloft a hill in the distance. This symbolizes that old barriers of outdated thinking are now crumbling. Former creative blocks are being transcended. New ideas will carry you over previously impenetrable walls.

Wands have a long history of helping characters in the fairy tales overcome seemingly impossible odds. The Fairy Godmother used her magic wand to send Cinderella to the ball in a pumpkin, after all hope seemed lost. But even magic seems to have a catch. The wand's magical effects always seem to have a time limit (such as the stroke of midnight). This symbolizes that you must act fast when divine inspiration strikes you. If you don't take full advantage of your creative ideas.... your carriage will revert to a pumpkin, and your beautiful horses will once again become mice. However, if you do act on the magic being offered (just as Cinderella did), you can go to the ball, make an impression, and transform a magical dream into a wonderful reality.

Cinderella didn't think to herself ..."Well, I am actually just an unpopular cleaning even with all these magical opportunities, I'm not going to allow the Prince see my unworthiness. Magic doesn’t exist, so why try?"

No! Cinderella took that fairy's magic and ran with it! Be confident in yourself! You are worthy of any success you can dream for yourself!

The magic of your mind is only as good as your ability to act without hesitation when struck by divine inspiration.


When the Ace of Wands appears reversed it reminds you to stop wishing and start doing. Today, don't let your brilliant ideas slip away! Write them down and come up with a plan for practical manifestation. All solutions are available to you. Old barriers are crumbling, revealing a glimpse of magical future possibilities. Why not take the action required to have your dream!? You can do it.... but only if you are willing. Once your rough ideas are written down, refine them. Flesh out the details of how to make your goals realities. Seek out the correct people and information. Consult with those who are "in the know." Research your goal on the internet. Take a risk! The Ace of Wands reversed can bring about the feeling of not knowing where to begin. Do not let this feeling paralyze you. Begin somewhere…wherever you are. Don’t worry about doing it “correct,” just take the first step toward your goal. If you begin, momentum will kick in and can take you the rest of the way.

You are being offered a magic wand to wave, and this can change everything. It comes in the form of inspired ideas that have already been churning around, inside your head.

Write ideas down, and then act on them! Just like the wand's magic, brilliant ideas are fleeting. They are just "fairy stories" you tell yourself, until you make them happen! Magic is working within your mind currently. Take full advantage of it. Don’t just think about doing it…do it!

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