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Hi, I'm Elliot.

Tarot is my passion. My goal is to help my clients to avoid pitfalls and manifest their dreams.

The Card of the Day: The Ten of Swords

The Card of the Day: The Ten of Swords

“Surrender your fear.” 


Help! The Ten of Swords looks scary! Are we all going to die?!  

Absolutely not! The Tarot has done it again, using potent symbolism to get us to wake up and pay attention to something very important.

The man on the card is face down. All the swords are in his back. Whatever "got him" was chasing him from behind. He was running away. The swords in his back symbolize his irrational fears. They finally caught up with him. But look closer. In his last moment he finally learned to surrender fear. This is symbolized by his right hand opening to Spirit.

What fears are you constantly trying to keep ahead of? Is your day filled with thoughts of terrible things that might happen? Do you try to just "keep busy" so you don't have to face the source of your unease? 

Ignoring fear is the same as running from it. It's still there. Lurking about as usual. Often the thing we fear (horrible illnesses, death, poverty, loss) is a distraction from going deeper and listening to our inner spirit. Spirit/God/the Universe/our Higher Power does not want suffering for us. But the only way to be free from needless suffering is to surrender. You aren't surrendering "to" fear. You are surrendering "the" fear. Surrender to actually feeling the fear and then letting it go to God (or a Goddess if you like). 

Today, if fear comes from behind, turn around and face it. Tell it, "I'm not running from you today." Give yourself five minutes to feel all the scary things fear is trying spook you with. Set a timer on your phone. When the alarm goes off, that's it. Surrender the fear. Let it go and enjoy something about being alive at this moment. Focus on the colors around you. Witness something beautiful. Fear is like the dog that chases the car. When the car stops, the dog doesn't know what to do. 

A wise teacher of mine, Nancy Retzlaff, used to have a saying on her dresser that she looked at every morning:

"This is God. I will be handling all your problems today. I won't need any of your help so enjoy your day."

Enjoy your day!

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