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The Card of the Day: Judgment (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: Judgment (Reversed)

“What sleeping part of yourself is reawakening?”


Judgment symbolizes rebirth, renewal, and restoration. It represents reawakening and returning to life after loss. Often, when people see this card, they are afraid that somehow this card means that they will be "judged." The only judgment that this card decrees is that you are worthy to rise again, and make your life as joyful, healthy, and full as it can be. Judgment represents your ability to abandon the thoughts, habits, and attitudes that keep your mind in "death consciousness." Fear, hopelessness, avoidance, procrastination, self-limiting behaviors; these are all mental graves that it's time to step out of now!

Do you wish you could just "snap out" of the depressive feeling that you are slogging through life like the walking dead? Have you been avoiding a personal goal that promises to make your life better because you are afraid of failing? Have you forgotten that you still have the power to make your dreams come true?

A luminous angel emerges from the clouds, blowing the golden trumpet of life. It resonates across the whole of the earth. All that was once dead, lost, and forgotten rises again; reborn and revived. A new day has dawned. The graves are cast aside. Today there is a life to live!

All the figures on this card represent the different facets of you. The angel is your "best-self, or higher consciousness," calling the long dead parts of yourself to return to life. Dreams abandoned, goals forsaken, hopes that were crushed; all these trials were necessary to make you the strong person you are today. It wasn't for nothing. The angel is the voice in your head that says "What am I doing? I deserve better! I am ready to get the most out of life!"

When Judgment appears, your best-self is giving you a wakeup call. It's time to get up and step out of the self-imposed grave your mind has been confined to. Today it's time to push past self-limiting behaviors about your potential and worth. Breathe new life into projects and dreams long thought dead. You can start living the life you want now, today, at this moment, if you summon the courage to step up and live consciously. Rise up like the fiery phoenix and out the ashes.

Everything in nature changes and dies. It can be sad to look back at the times when something important felt lost and you felt forsaken. But remember, everything in nature reflects rebirth. This includes you. This is the Divine and natural law. This is the benevolent judgment of the Universe.


When Judgment appears reversed it asks if you are sleepwalking through life. Upright or reversed, Judgment represents awakening and transformation. Judgment reversed indicates that in order to progress, you must be fully conscious about what is occurring at this time. Only by being awake and alert can you choose to establish new conditions.

Periodically we wake up to realize we’ve become entranced. A whole day or week or month has gone by without a sense of awareness, memory or vitality. Procrastination is often a side effect of this, however, at its root is detachment. It’s as if there is a disconnect between the mind and the heart. Ask yourself today, “Am I feeling my heart?” “Do I recognize the sensations of feelings like love and joy in my chest?”

There are all sorts of reasons to allow yourself to become entranced. Many times, it because of fear. Fear of pain, fear of discomfort, fear of taking responsibility, fear of letting yourself down......the list goes on and on. The Angel of Judgment represents your spirit, which needs to periodically blow bombastic notes from its trumpet to give you a wake-up call. If you can tune into the sensations in your heart, you will gain valuable information about what you need to do next. Allow yourself to feel your real feelings, especially the neglected or difficult ones. 

Judgment reversed asks you to alert your Higher Self if you have been sleepwalking through life. Renew your passion for your goals, projects, and interests. If you feel dead toward them try to do a little work on them anyway. Even 15 minutes can be enough to rekindle the flames of creativity.

If you don’t like the sleepy direction your life is heading, you can choose to wake-up now. The phoenix within your soul is restlessly stirring, wishing to return ablaze with new life.

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