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The Card of the Day: Page of Cups (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: Page of Cups (Reversed)

“Overcoming creative blockages.” 


The Page of Cups symbolizes the creative inner-child. This is the part of you that can still be amazed with wonder and curiosity at the world around you. Everybody has creative energy, and it is expressed differently by every individual. The Page of Cups invites you to play, be inspired, and create something beautiful. The Page of Cups follows his heart. He is the sensitive poet of the tarot. He also adores “imp-like” pranks.

Do you avoid your creativity because you feel you aren’t an artist? Do you remember the joy of being creative as a child? Do you ever just let loose and allow yourself to play?

If the Page of Cups were 100 years old, he would still find time to play. He is the archetype of the creativity. He is dressed in pink and blue. Pink is the color of love, harmony, kindness, and the heart. Blue is the color of communication, healing, creativity, and depth. He is a master at communicating his feelings through creativity. He lightens the hearts of others, through words and deeds. His creative expression gives voice to feelings others have trouble articulating.

Like many children, he’s taken his pet along with him where he isn’t supposed to. In this case it’s his fish, representing depth, and creative wisdom, and luck. The water lilies on his tunic symbolize that he blossoms in the realm of feelings and emotions. He is very sensitive, but often is having too much of a good time to sit about moping.

When the Page of Cups appears, your creative inner-child wants some attention! If you give in, you’re sure to have a lot of fun. Children trust in the magic of making stuff to express themselves. They love to draw pictures, paint Easter eggs, and are so proud of turkeys made from hand tracings. They never say, “Well I’m sorry I can’t paint today, because I’m not perfect at art.” They dive right in because it’s fun! It also keeps them too busy to think of scary things like sharks, bogymen, or monsters lurking in the closet. Keeping your creative mind occupied keeps it from imagining frightening things.

When the Page of Cups appears, tune out the inner critic that all too often whispers in your ear. Do something expressive just for the joy of it. Make your house more vibrant and colorful. Do something crafty, make something, play, spend some time teasing a big baby (especially a grown up one).

Let your creativity be a channel for feelings that need to find expression.


When the Page of Cups appears reversed, he often accompany a period where your creativity feels blocked. Even the greatest artists experience lulls in their creative brilliance. If you've been feeling a lack of motivation to express yourself, it's time to shift the energy. When creativity is blocked, it is often because you are thinking too much about perfection. Creativity is messy, especially if it’s any good. Express the imperfect more and analyze less. This will get your creative juices flowing again. Once your creativity becomes unleashed it will gain momentum.

Creativity flows when you are in tune with your depth. Neglected feelings have the potential to hijack an entire project until they are finally felt and transmuted into your work.

The Page of Cups reversed asks you to release any pressure you feel about being productive. Creativity needs to flow naturally, much like the water depicted on the card. Accept where you are and go with the flow.

The Page of Cups upright or reversed asks you to lighten up and remember what you enjoy about the task at hand. Open your heart center and stop overthinking.

Literalism and nitpicking are creative buzz-kills. Inject fun into what you are doing and watch your creativity flow.

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