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The Card of the Day: The Queen of Wands

The Card of the Day: The Queen of Wands

"Shine brightly and without apology."


The Queen of Wands is the archetype of what we all want to be. Strong, self-confident, charismatic, and self-assured in her worth. Wands in the tarot symbolize growth. This shows us that the Queen of Wands was not always so self-confident. She had to overcome a fear of what others would think of her if she were to truly be herself. This is a hard lesson in courage. Rejection from others hurts!

Are you truly confident in who you are? Do you really feel your worth? Do you try to hide what gives you joy just to avoid the embarrassment you might feel if someone were to ridicule you? A lot of us like to think we don't care what others think, but are we being honest?

Front and center on the Queen of Wands' card is her black cat. For centuries black cats were considered "evil" and "unlucky" by the masses. People who owned black cats were also persecuted. The Queen of Wands loves black cats. She loves black cats so much that she put her favorite black cat in the spotlight on her card. It’s as if she's saying "I don't care what bovines in a herd think of me, I love black cats."

The Queen of Wands tells you to stop fearing what people will say or think about you today. Stop hiding your light! Have courage and be who you are! The Lions on the Queen's throne symbolize courage. It is time to be unapologetically authentic. The Queen of Wands is also accompanied by a sunflower. These flowers also appear on the Sun card (the best card in the deck). Sunflowers always face the Sun. They open their petals in the direction of the Sun's radiant light and represent our need to turn toward the light within ourselves. This card exemplifies the characteristics of the astrological sign of Leo, famous for its ability to "put on a show," and to shine with "star quality." By being your authentic self, you will emit your own light that others will notice immediately. Bring the positive energy of the Sun to all your interactions today.

The Queen of Wands had to learn to be comfortable with herself. By fully loving and accepting herself, she becomes open to the possibility of being loved by others for her true self. She takes the risk to smile and reach out to others before they greet her. She shows her subjects that she can see their light clearly, because she went through the process of discovering her own. The Queen of Wands never brags about her accomplishments, she lets her life's results speak for themselves. What you see is what you get. She also knows that the truest path toward suffering is to compare herself to others. She shines brightly without caring if she looks stupid or if some of her relatives in the pentacles suite think she's impractical or even crazy.

Most people adore the Queen of Wands. Some people are a little threatened by her realness (Who does she think she is not caring what I think?). There are even few people with wounded egos that hate her for her best qualities. Living in darkness so long, the Queen's sunny charm shines a light on wounds to their ego that they were in denial about, comfortably hidden in the shadow. The Queen of Wands doesn't worry about any of that, she just keeps sharing her authentic self with grace with poise. She remembers how difficult the journey was to get to her throne and to own her majesty. What are you struggling to like about yourself? Think how powerful your sense of self would be if you smiled without judgment at that part and still loved yourself. Can you see the light within your heart? Can you accept yourself and your entire journey, both the hills and the valleys?

Today, shine authentically and without apology. You've earned your sunflower throne.

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